Mission Statement
Assist individuals in discovering and developing thieir natural talents and skills, thus enabling them to become self-sufficient contributors to the well-being of their families and the people in Plainfield and the surrounding communities.
Vision Statement
SHEELD strives to be an interactive community leader in the educational, social, economic development and growth of Plainfield and surrounding communities.
Value Statement
The success of SHEELD to date has been the result of compassionately caring for its children and community.  We are servant leaders who seek to concentrate on those opportunities that will allow our organization to deepen and broaden its connections in the community by working in conjunction with its many partners and the creation of new partnerships.  We serve with the highest integrity while exhibiting love and charity.

The Lord's Kitchen and Food Pantry

SHEELD also provide hot meals on a weekly basis to all who come through the "Lord's Kitchen" housed in the Annex in the building next to Shiloh Baptist Church.  Special Announcement: The Food Pantry received 250 pounds in canned goods from the city as part of the 2019 Foodstock program. City employees contribute canned goods to help feed the needy

Current Board Members and Officers
Erika Phillips Chair
Gloria Grant Vice Chair
Stacey Maddox Treasurer
Karen Torian Executive Director
John Brinkley
Arthur Kelly